How you can save lives in an emergency

Posted at 5:56 PM, Oct 02, 2017

There are several first aid techniques you should know in the event of an emergency like the one unfolded on Las Vegas Strip.

There are times when police, fire, and ems are not able to quickly access the scene of an emergency because things are still going on. People next to each other can really help each other out by knowing these things. 

If the victim has a wound, find where the wound is. Then put something between your hand and the wound if you can and apply heavy pressure to the wound. Just above the wound, tie anything like a necktie or belt to also stop the bleeding. 

"When patients lose a lot of blood they go into shock and the body has to fight to maintain perfusion to the brain and other organs. So keeping people warm and keeping them calm in addition to stopping the bleeding are very simple things that can be done very effectively by someone with almost no training at all," Thomas Maxian, AMR Paramedic said. 

Erie County Medical Center Trauma Program offers a free training class called Stop The Bleed. The 90-minute course covers these first aid skills and others. For more information call 716-898-3962.