How to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Solar Eclipse on Monday

Posted at 6:37 PM, Aug 18, 2017

You know the dangers of looking at the solar eclipse without the proper protection, but what about your furry friends?
Anna Herman has a three and a half year-old pit bull-beagle mix named Lady. Herman says her dog has had many near death experiences, including jumping off a 22-foot bridge and walking away just fine.

Making Herman not concerned for Monday’s solar eclipse when more than 70% of the sun in Western New York will be blocked by the moon.

“I’m not too worried because I am not too worried for my own safety and really she is pretty resilient,” she said.

Doctors say even looking at the sun for a few minutes for human could lead to temporary or permanent vision-loss, called solar retinopathy. Nasa recommends for people to wear special glasses designed specifically for eclipse viewing, but as the sky darkens your pets many want to look towards the eclipse too.

Tiffany Aquino, from the West Seneca Camp Bow Wow, says “they can have the same retinal damage that you or I would, so it could even cause blindness.”