How this year's dry spring impacted the local Christmas tree crop

Posted at 10:54 PM, Nov 18, 2018

Sawing: it's the sound of the season on Jurek Plantationsin Clarence. Between cutting down fresh trees, and trimming those that are pre-cut, workers have their hands full. “We're selling more and more trees every year,” said Owner, Jeffrey Jurek.

Jurek took over the family Christmas tree farm about 10 years ago. “My grandfather started this back in the 50's.” Today, it has three locations, and 100 acres of trees.

Jurek said this year's crop looks good. “A lot of tender loving care goes into these trees. We mow around them. We prune them. We take very good care of our trees.”

Over at Akron Acres, Co-Owner Marilyn Kelkenbereg's preparing for black Friday, or green Friday as she calls it. It's when her family begins selling pre-cut and cut your own Christmas trees. “They put on four to six inches every year. And they're nice and green. So, I'd say we're going to have a nice crop this year.”

But, Kelkenberg said their younger saplings took a hit this year after a dry spring. “You plant them anticipating in seven or eight years’ time you're going to have a Christmas tree. So, it kind of sets you back a little. So, we'll probably plant more next spring,” she said.

Still, she doesn't expect to pass that expense onto her customers. Like Jurek, Kelkenburg's sales have increased the last several years. But, prices haven't. The average seven to eight-foot tree will cost you about $50.

Experts said the best time to buy a tree is the weekend after Thanksgiving. That way, you have the best selection and if you water it, it should last through the New Year.

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