How the romaine recall is impacting local restaurants

Posted at 5:42 PM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-26 17:42:12-05

There's food on the grill and customers waiting in line.

It's the lunch rush at Rachel's Mediterranean Grill in Buffalo.

The fast-casual restaurant serves build your own bowls and wraps using meats and vegetables, and romaine is a big part of the menu. “It's a key ingredient in our wraps and our bowls,” said Rachel’s Director of Operations, Brandon Guzda.

That's why the local chain wanted to come up with alternatives following last week's recall. It's currently offering both iceberg and an organic spring mix in place of romaine.

Customers like Bess Devine were surprised when she placed her order. “I usually get a Romaine Bowl,” she said. “The first I heard about it was in California, so I thought it won't impact me.”

Reps for the restaurant said business hasn't taken a hit. “So far, we've had no complaints. Everybody seems to enjoy that we offer two options now. I think a lot of our customers have been enjoying the iceberg lettuce,” said Rachel’s Social Media Consultant, Alexis Ruggiero.

It's unclear how long Rachel's will be impacted by the scare. The restaurant will carry romaine again once it's cleared by the CDC. 

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