How much will it cost taxpayers to remove Paladino?

Posted at 11:36 AM, Jan 05, 2017

The Syracuse-based attorney selected to handle the Buffalo Board of Education's effort to remove Carl Paladino will cost taxpayers $195 per hour.  But the attorney could not provide an estimate of the total cost of his services as it is "too early" in the process.

The law firm will be filing an official petition to the State Education Commissioner to have Paladino removed from his seat on the board.  Anybody is allowed to file the petition, but the State Education Department has not received any yet.

Attorney Frank Miller has spent most of his career practicing education law and said the Buffalo Public Schools general counsel reached out to him about this case.

As it is still early in the process, Miller was unable to speak specifically about the case against Paladino.

"I'm still catching up to speed," he said.  "It's very premature, we have to meet with everyone to understand what has been done."

The school board will also have to pay to represent Paladino in this case.  There is no word yet from the district on what the cost to taxpayers may be for his representation.