How Monday Night Football all comes together

Posted at 4:04 PM, Oct 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-30 09:12:35-04

America's game has been played on Monday Night since 1970. Buffalo has not experienced a Monday Night treat since 2008, and the ESPN crew is excited to be here says Senior Operations Producer Matthew Kwok. 

"We are excited to be back here because we know that the fans are amazing," Kwok said. "They are engaged, they are interactive... They are all very welcoming and we are very thankful for that." 

Six trucks full of equipment strolled into town on Friday. Over 300 workers are involved with the production and operation of this one game, from creating graphics to laying cable, there is so much that goes into producing a show. 

"Our production team pushes us to create new ways to see the show," Kwok said. "We push the envelope, the technical side and the production side of the industry." 

Kwok's goal is to give the audience a compelling and engaging show, no matter what is happening on the field. The crew and talent mixed with the broadcast legacy of the game is what makes Monday Night  Football so special Kwok adds. 

The game is shot with over 60 cameras making sure that every angle of the game is captured. 

Jay Rothman has been a football producer for 28 years. He was here in Buffalo for the Bills crushing loss to the Cowboys in 2007. He says that game changed his mindset on how to produce-- he always expects the unexpected. 

"Hopefully the energy here in Buffalo and the crowd will keep the Bills in the game," Rothman said. 

As a producer he has a "Toolbox" of elements that help make the show fun and exciting for the fans. 

"We want to see who they are, we want to see excitement, we want to see the energy of Buffalo and Bills fans as a whole," Kwok said. 

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