How local running clubs are helping get people moving

Posted at 11:29 AM, May 09, 2018

A few weeks ago, it felt like winter would never end. But Spring has arrived, and with it, many are hitting the streets to run a few miles of possibly even prepare for the upcoming Buffalo Marathon.

"The beauty of running is anyone can do it," says Tom Droz of Checkers running club.

Checkers is an independent running club with about 500 members of all running abilities. They hold track workouts every Tuesday with certified coaches. The club has a beginners group and a group catered to kids.

They're just one of several running clubs in Western New York, including the Greater Buffalo Track Club, Bond Lake A.C., and Lancaster Striders.

"Running is for everyone," Droz says. "What we offer is support."

Running clubs aren't just for hardcore runners. Many clubs, including Checkers, have social elements as well, including events after track days and races. "I've met some lifelong friends," Droz told us.

You can learn more about Checkers A.C. on their website.


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