Police: Homicide on the 190 was a targeted attack

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jul 10, 2018

State police say that the homicide on the 190 near the Niagara St. Monday evening was more than likely a targeted attack. The victim shot, driving a red Honda Civic, was transported straight to the ECMC  where he died. 

"Our preliminary investigation leads us to believe that it was not a random act, it was not a road rage incident," said New York State Police Capt. David Denz. "So I think we can put the publics mind to rest in that regard."

Investigators say the shooting caused the victim to lose control, where the Civic soon crashed into the median in the 190 northbound lanes. Capt. Denz said this is the first fatal shooting he's seen of it's kind since he's been in Western New York. 

"It's certainly unusual to have something like his happen in the middle of the day, in the middle of rush hour where there will definitely be multiple people there to watch this happen," Denz said. 

Police spoke with a few drivers who had witnessed the shooting Monday night, but are still urging for more witnesses to come forward. According to police, the shooter's identity is still unknown and there is no description of the shooter's car. Police have yet to release the victim's name. 

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