Historic Downtown Buffalo church on sale for $895,000

Posted at 5:39 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 18:37:30-04

The stained-glass windows that surround the Delaware Avenue Baptist Church paint a picture of deep faith and rich history. But maintaining a large landmark like this is costing the congregation a pretty penny. The congregation has put the church up for sale for $895,000 and they are looking for a new smaller house of worship.

Reverend Michael J. Robinson said the 300 member church can no longer afford to maintain the century old three story building, long term. Right now the roof needs more than $300,000 in repairs because of damage from the rain.

"You know moving is traumatic i would say. But the need is now," Robinson said. 

Unlike a lot of churches that are closing their doors, membership at Delware Avenue is actually on the rise. With more people comes a greater need for parking, which this location can no longer accommodate.

"When they put up the baptist manor behind us that kind of choked off our parking possibilities," Robinson said.

The city currently allows the congregation to park along Delaware Avenue. Robinson said that's still not enough parking. Meanwhile, the Delaware Avenue Restoration Corporation is setting up a fundraiser in efforts to save the historic structure.

"This building just means too much, not only to the people who've attended services here over the years, but certainly to everyone in the neighborhood," Tim Tielman with Delaware Avenue Restoration Corporation said.