Want to make parts for a military fighter jet? This Grand Island company is hiring

Posted at 2:14 PM, Oct 11, 2018

Working with tiny parts isn't exactly easy for Kelly Stephenson from Wilson.

"I like being challenged. I'm definitely challenged in a good way, not in a bad way at all," she said. 

As an aerospace technician at GP:50 on Long Road on Grand Island, Stephenson's working on the final step for sensors that will eventually go on a military fighter jet. She has worked at the company for four years. 

GP:50 also manufactures pressure sensors like the ones you might find in your own car. Newer models have a signal on the dash that shows if your tire pressure is low.

"That's not something we make, but the premise is the same," said Chief Operating Officer Kenneth Brodie. "We serve a variety of markets but our biggest one emerging is the aerospace market."

The company is in the midst of its third expansion in 15 years and is now hiring about a dozen new employees in almost all departments - from machine operator to sales.

Salary varies depending on experience and the position. GP:50 also offers a competitive benefits package, flexible vacation time and opportunities for overtime.

You can find a complete list of openings here.


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