Hiring 716: Make pasta and meatballs for all at Rosina Foods!

Posted at 12:13 PM, Oct 17, 2018

There's a chance the next time you buy a bag of frozen meatballs, they were made right in Western New York by your friends or neighbors!

Rosina Foods is a nationally and internationally distributed company, but develops and produces everything in the Cheektowaga area. The company started as a small sausage shop on Delavan Avenue, but now has two processing plants with more than 500 employees.

They're always hiring for more employees, from administrative to manufacturing positions and everything in between. The plant runs 24 hours a day.

"We're growing at such a fast pace that it gives us an opportunity to look at all facets of our business and be able to hire people that are quality, that want to work hard," says John Zimmerman, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Rosina Foods. 

You can find information on careers available at the company right here

Pasta and meatballs are created in the Cheektowaga area for distribution across the country and even into the Caribbean and Central America. Rosina products are carried in dozens of major grocery chains in the United States, little mom and pop restaurants and even in your favorite national chain restaurants.

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