Hiring 716: Iraqi immigrant's macrame business is growing by the day in Buffalo

Posted at 8:13 PM, Jul 04, 2018

Standing inside her West Side Bazaar booth, Nadin Yousef is working on her latest macrame creation - a plant hanger.

Macrame is a form of textile that uses a knotting technique with fabric to create beautiful and intricate designs.  Yousef learned the art in Iraq, her home country.

The plant hanger will join up to 25 other items up for sale.

"Everyday, [business] is getting better," Yousef says.

Her passion for the arts allows her to support the primary thing that keeps her motivated: her family, located here in Buffalo. Yousef says her small business is the first step towards making her "American dream" become reality.

"I see a future for my kids. That's the point," Yousef says.

Yousef hopes to take her talents to the broader community, and teach children children the art of macrame.