Fewer teens applying for summer jobs

Posted at 6:22 PM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 18:22:19-04

Anderson's Frozen Custard is a popular spot for many this time of year. But, there's a growing concern for restaurant owner, Holly Anderson: hiring hardworking teens for its busy season. “There are fewer and to the point of how do we get in touch with them,” she said.

Anderson said it's something she's noticed the last several years. She believes the Buffalo resurgence is one reason why. There's stiffer competition among more restaurants and food trucks for the same type of applicant. She also said teens aren't working as many hours with the minimum wage increase. “They’re working less because they're making more money.”

YMCA Buffalo Niagara is also experiencing a shortage in teen applicants. Penny Snell is director of childcare operations. “That's who we hire and it's been a challenge,” Snell said. “We have even offered paid internships with a local college. And, with the thousands of students on campus, only three applied,” she added.

The Y is looking to hire 40-50 seasonal employees.

Anderson's hires anywhere from 100 to 150 in the summer months. That's why it's considering new application methods like through social media to make the process easier for applicants. Currently, you have to hand deliver the paper application to your desired location. “This could be the last year we go the old fashion way of a paper application,” said Anderson.

For YMCA job information, click here.

For Anderson’s information, click here.

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