High water not stopping anglers on Lake Ontario

Posted at 11:16 PM, May 26, 2017

Olcott is sure to be a popular place this Memorial Day weekend. The hamlet along Lake Ontario brings in fishermen from all over, every summer. 

This year those fishermen will be encountering a different looking lake. The damaging flooding is a disaster for property owners along the shore but, out-of-town anglers say they still plan on casting their lines.

That after effects of erosion are causing quite the problem in the lake. All the debris is creating a boating hazard.

“All the stuff floating in the lake from the flooding, I don't want to be out there and caught in the dark and hit some of it. So, it's actually keeping me from fishing, tonight,” said Aaron Davis who traveled from Erie, PA to fish in Olcott.

The IJC, the international committee that tries to control the lakes levels, says it might be another couple of weeks before people on the lakeshore start to see some real relief.