High voter turnout reported in Erie County

Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 18:51:48-04

Ask any poll worker -- usually during a primary election, it's pretty slow.

However, this year is different. Democratic Erie County Election Commissioner Len Lenihan said there could be a record turnout, based on early numbers.

Within the first few hours at some polls, the voter turnout was more than it had been on previous primary days.

Kristin Kacala, who voted at the Kenmore Library, cast her first ballot in a primary election.

"Part of it obviously is the circus, but it really matters and it's a tight race," Kacala explained.

Usually, by the New York primaries, there has been a clear winner for both parties. That is because New York's election is late in the primary season.

However, right now neither the Democrats or the Republicans have a clear-cut nominee.

"This time it seems like the direction of the country could change on who was picked," said Jennifer Kieffer.

"It's always a circus, but this year it's a little more than normal," added Eric Lawler, who voted for the first time in a primary. "All of them, especially Trump and Hillary Clinton claiming home base for New York State. It hits a little closer to home."

In addition to high turnout at the polls, Lenihan said there was a 15-percent increase in absentee ballots in Erie County versus the primary election in 2008.