High-tech equipment helping physical therapy patients

Posted at 6:50 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 18:50:00-05

Seven weeks ago, 43-year-old Lauren Gerber of Cheektowaga had three strokes and a heart attack.
Doctors found out that Gerber's heart only pumps at 25%.  

"I remember doctors physical therapists asking me 'can you lift?' I couldn't and now I can," Gerber said.

That's because Gerber has been doing physical therapy every day since and using new technology called the Jintronix. 

It looks similar to a video game, but this high tech equipment at the Ellicott Center uses virtual reality for rehabilitation.

It's the only skilled nursing facility in western New York to offer this technology for recovery. It was brought here in February. 

The Jintronix works through a X-Box connect and detects 25 joints and all of the movement associated with it. 

"We can kind of disguise her therapy and achieve a lot of outcomes with one activity where prior we might have had a little bit resistance and reluctance to get those same outcomes," Damien Haseley, said.

The patient is able to see their score and progress so they can keep improving. 

"I know i'm not one-hundred-percent because my balance is still not and i need a little help, but i am definitely stronger," Gerber said.


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