High school senior running for school board in West Seneca

Posted at 11:44 PM, Mar 30, 2017

Some of the biggest decisions in government are made in the smallest places that includes the West Seneca school board. 

Budgetary decisions made by the district years ago was the spark for one candidate to run for the board this year.

“Many useful programs have been cut and I feel like a new face on the board, a fresh face would help bring those programs back,” said Matt Poole.

Poole is a senior at West Seneca East High School and he's trying to be the next West Seneca school board member.  He’s been going door-to-door in West Seneca talking to voters.

“One lady asked if I was going to college, just to make sure,” said Poole. 

He is going to college, ECC to start. Poole wants to be a teacher.

Some might think Poole’s age might be a weakness. He believes it's a strength. 

“I think that's a huge reason why people would want to elect me because of the student perspective,” added Poole.

Big things can happen at school boards. It's a place where politicians can their start. Is that Poole's intention? He gives a very politician-like answer.

“Possibly, possibly.”

The election in West Seneca is May 16th. The three candidates with the most votes win.