High school principal remembers Officer Lehner

High school principal remembers Officer Lehner
Posted at 10:19 PM, Oct 24, 2017

Joe Lucenti has been Principal of Akron High School, Officer Craig Lehner's alma mater, for twenty one years.

"Believe it or not, Craig and I have a little in common."  Said Lucenti.  "I guess you could say we were both Freshmen here in 1997."

Lehner graduated from Akron in 2001, and Lucenti says it was Lehner's character that left a lasting impression with teachers.

"Talking with teachers throughout the last few days... just a common theme, this respectful, dedicated, dependable, service oriented student."

Wednesday has been declared Akron loves blue day in the Akron School District, with everyone encouraged to wear blue in memory of Officer Lehner, and in support of his family, including his niece who currently attends the High School.

Lucenti says the community has bonded together after the loss, and he hopes his students will see that someone from their small town was able to leave a lasting impression.

"A son of Akron did something with his life, as showrt as it was, that proves it's not the length of our lives, but what we do with our time."