"Hidden" park in Amherst looking at potential facelift

Posted at 6:58 PM, Jun 14, 2017

Hidden behind trees and foliage, just off of Transit Road and Dann Road in the Town of Amherst, sits Dann Lake. If you didn't know you were looking for it, you might not even notice the nondescript parking lot for Dann Lake Park.

There are no signs indicating it's the entrance to a park owned by the Town of Amherst. And if you do know where it is, walking down to the lake isn't terribly easy.

The path is overgrown, with knee-high grass and several stretches of mud. At one point, the entire path is blocked by mud and puddles of water.

"It's hard to get to the water at parts," James Anderson from Pendleton said. He spent Wednesday afternoon fishing at the park.

The Town hopes to see more people like Anderson visit Dann Lake Park and there's a plan in the works to make sure that happens.

According to a draft of the proposal, the Town hopes to make the following improvements:

  • Create a stone dust trail along an existing mowed pathway to the south of Dann Lake
  • Construct a 10-foot wide boardwalk trail connecting the parking lot and southeastern edge of Dann Lake
  • Paving the existing parking lot
  • Construct a canoe and kayak launch and fishing platform at the end of the proposed boardwalk