Here's how to keep fake money out of your wallet

Posted at 11:26 AM, Sep 21, 2017

Fake money is surfacing once again in Western New York. 

Erie County Sheriff’s Office is urging businesses to teach employees how to identify the fake money. 

Lt. Thomas Haynes with Town of Tonawanda Police said his department confiscates close to $2,000 in fake money each year. 

Spending counterfeit money knowingly is a federal crime. Law enforcement officers remind the public to check their money carefully. If you think it’s counterfeit, report it. 

Here are three ways you can tell if you have some phony money. 

* Check the bill denomination on the bottom right hand corner for color shifting ink.

* Run your fingernail down the collar/jacket to feel for raised printing. You should feel some vibration on your nail from the ridges.

* If you notice blurry borders, printing or text, this should