Helping the homeless get through Buffalo's winter this year

Posted at 8:35 PM, Dec 11, 2016

"I see one already, not my color, but it's usable," said Broderick Perkins, a homeless man, as he looked for a new scarf to wear. The yellow scarf, may not be Perkins' color, but it's certainly what he needs.

"You've got to get what you need as far as to make a living and cover up the exposed parts in this kind of weather and in this season," said Perkins.

A reason why Buffalo's Good Neighbors want to help the homeless "Beat the Buffalo Bitter," hanging up anything from hats, gloves, pants, and scarfs.

"That's the point of this," said Amanda Wieczorek, founder of Buffalo's Good Neighbors. "I'm freezing right now, and there are people that are out here all day everyday."

People like Perkins, as he bikes on the snow.

"I get my best exercise in the wintertime!" said Perkins.

Choosing from the many articles of winter clothing, hanging around Fireman's Park in Downtown Buffalo.

"We're the City of Good Neighbors, and they will help you out," added Perkins.

It's something the group started three years ago, and plan to continue doing.

"We had one tree that had twine on it, that was it," said Wieczorek, remembering what the park looked like when they first started out. "We filled that and we were proud because that made a difference."

Warming up one homeless person at a time, for another year of Buffalo's bitter winter.

"On days like this, wet snow, cold wind, wet, it's always gloves, socks, everything here," said Alan Lighten, a homeless Veteran, who was looking for some new gloves.

And that's exactly what he picked out Sunday afternoon. It's also all he took, leaving the rest of the items hung up for others in need. Thankful that he has gloves to keep his hands warm.

"There's still people around that do things without a call, without pay, they just show up and put what's necessary in the neighborhood."

Buffalo's Good Neighbors is asking for more clothing donations as they continue to hang up new items each Sunday. If you have anything you'd be willing to donate, you can go to their Facebook page here.