Health professionals committed to drug treatment site in Amherst

Posted at 2:57 PM, Jun 07, 2017

Substance abuse treatment services will continue to expand in Amherst, despite the community's resistance to the location of the facility.

Catholic Health says it remains committed to expanding the opiate addiction treatment facility at the proposed location at 910 Millersport Highway. It says the medication assisted treatment services are safe and effective and do not pose a threat to the community. However, residents around the proposed location are still concerned.

"We welcome the support of Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and thank him for his leadership," Catholic Health says. "We are willing to look at alternate locations in Amherst if a suitable site can be found that meets our specifications and timeline to transition these services from our current counseling site at 3730 Sheridan Drive."

While Catholic Health is looking to Poloncarz, the County Executive has encouraged the town to find alternate locations if it is not happen with the one currently proposed.


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