Hawley says fixing "I Love NY" signs is "abuse of taxpayer-funded resources"

Hawley: Fixing "I Love NY" signs is a waste
Posted at 11:17 AM, Mar 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-21 12:34:25-04

Construction crews are repairing the "I Love NY" signs along the thruway after last week's storm, and Assemblyman Stephen Hawley is not too happy about it.

"Only in New York can you use taxpayer money in plain sight to fund illegal activities and no one bats an eye," Hawley said. "This is a clear and reckless abuse of taxpayer-funded resources. These signs were deemed illegal by the federal government to begin with, and state leaders went ahead and put them up anyway at an extremely high cost to taxpayers."

Hawley says the money should be used to repair roads and infrastructure instead.

"It is possible these signs being blown down was a message from above and the governor should consider that if he continues to waste the people's money on their maintenance," Hawley said.

“In 2015, New York’s tourism industry generated a record-breaking economic impact of $102 billion statewide while supporting more than 894,000 jobs and contributing $8 billion in state and local taxes. The tourism signs throughout the state support this effort and we are continuing our discussions with the federal government. In the meantime, signs will be replaced as the weather permits,”  Spokesperson for New York State Thruway Authority said.