Hamburg getting buried by lake effect snow

Posted at 1:07 PM, Nov 18, 2014

Residents in the Town of Hamburg were expecting it, yet, it was still quite a surprise to wake up and find a November snow storm had dumped nearly 18" of snow by 7am Tuesday morning.

Making things even tougher, the snowfall did not let up all day long. Many side streets in the town had not seen a plow, and with nearly 3-feet of snow in the roads, streets were impassible.

During the evening, some residents reported the snow was so deep that they were having problems opening outside doors.

Ambulance workers for Rural Metro stationed at the Scranton Volunteer Fire Hall told Eyewitness News that conditions were "treacherous" and some crews were having to walk down unplowed streets to respond to emergency calls.

Earlier in the day, supervisors at the Scranton Fire Hall were called out in the white-out conditions because an ambulance with a patient onboard was stuck in the snow.

The New York State Police sent out an advisory at 9:41am saying that 120 cars were stuck near the Lackawanna toll booths.

As of Tuesday evening, efforts were still underway to remove the stuck vehicles and rescue a bus carrying the Niagara University Women's Basketball Team on the I-90 in West Seneca.

A driving ban is in effect in the Town of Hamburg as well as many other communities.

Officials strongly warning everyone that traveling will not only put you at risk, but a stuck vehicle will make it even more difficult for emergency crews to get around.

Seven Eyewitness News Reporter Ed Reilly was in Hamburg all day and gives us a look at how bad the conditions are.