Hamburg Kitesurfer remembered by family and community

Posted at 5:46 PM, Aug 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-17 17:46:40-04

“If there was one way for him to go that would be the way," Biehler's daughters Kendra, Kaitlyn and Kelly said.

Jeff Biehler will be remembered by more than just his family. The 61-year-old Hamburg business owner that died kitesurfing Wednesday was well known among the community. 

“It was disbelief it really was, I knew that Jeff was really a free spirit. He did, again, he went out on adventures," Jeff Waryk said, owner of ZJ's Family Restuarant in Hamburg.

ZJ's sits directly across from Biehler's Village Square Liquors, a second generation family run business. One that made the family a tightknit group when they worked for their father. 

“Customers here are almost like family, they know me, they know my husband, my daughter, they know our lives and they’re part of that too," Biehler's daughters said. “He would be at work and he’d look outside and see that the wind was nice and he would say I’m done for the day and head out to the water.” 

Biehler had run the family liquor store since the late 80s when he took over the business for his father. He will be remembered by many as an important businessman who kept close relationships with the store's neighbors.

“My jaw dropped to the floor when I realized it was Jeff, because he’s got a couple of daughters, nice family, good family, good people," Mark Scoville said, Assistant Manager at Federal Meats.

“We’re a very close knit community all of the business people know the business people and all the neighborhood people basically knew him," Evelyn Crawford said, who owns Katz Jewelers. 

Biehler will be survived by his wife, Karen, three daughters, Kendra and Kaitlyn Biehler and Kelly Kowalski. The cause of death is still not officially confirmed. 

A Celebration of Life will be held for Biehler in Hamburg on August 26, for more information click here. In lieu of flowers the Biehler family asks to offer donations, all proceeds will go to the Hamburg Recreation Foundation and the American Heart Association.



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