Hamburg family upset over vacant home

Posted at 11:40 PM, Mar 27, 2017
A Hamburg family is upset over a vacant home next to their home on Pleasant Avenue. The family says the owner of the property is not taking care of the home, and it's decreasing property values and acting as an "eyesore" on the quaint Hamburg Village street.
Kevin and Mary Ann Meegan live on Pleasant Avenue. If there's one thing they don't like about their property, it's the house next door.
"Empty houses like the one next to me don't line up with the vision of Hamburg as a community," Mary Ann Meegan said. 
The Meegan's are referring to the home that sits empty next to theirs. They say it was bought in foreclosure two years ago, and since then nothing has been done to improve the home.
"I want to see a property on the tax rolls that's going to contribute to the community and make Hamburg the place that it is."
Possibly the last straw for this family, who has invested thousands in making their home their forever home was a tree from the neighboring property that fell on their home during the wind storm earlier this month.
"The homeowner said he would send someone ASAP to take care of the tree," she said. 
But the Meegan's say that didn't happen. They ended up removing the tree, which caused $3,500 in damage on their own.
"I guess what I'm upset about is ASAP doesn't mean the same thing to everyone, because obviously he hasn't cared enough to send anyone out to take care of the debris."
The family says they would like improvements to be made to the home next door.
Calls to the homeowner have gone unreturned.