Guns used in Dollar General shooting legal under SAFE Act

Posted at 9:23 AM, Nov 28, 2017

Weeks after one person was hurt in the shooting outside a Cheektowaga Dollar General, police say the guns used were SAFE Act compliant.

Cheektowaga police say the guns Travis Green used on November 14 were legally purchased.  Police say it took some time to determine they were compliant because of the complicated nature of the law.

Police say Travis Green fired some 20 rounds at the store after being denied an employment application at the Dollar General on Union Road.

The victim in this shooting described pulling into the Dollar General parking lot around 2:30 P.M. and seeing a man punching a female twice in the face.

The shooting victim said he immediately tried to call 911. That's when he said he was approached by that same man who asked him if he had a problem and who he was talking to. The victim said he told Green he was talking to a friend and didn't have a problem. That's when the victim said Green hit him in the face twice.

At a felony hearing before Thanksgiving, the victim testified Green walked to his car, pulled out a bag and got out a gun. The victim said he watched as Green fired two shots into the air. So, he ducked for cover. He said he doesn't remember much after that: only the glass of the store front windows shattering around him and being shot twice near his shoulder.

Green faces six charges including attempted murder.