'Guardian Angels' coming to Buffalo

Posted at 5:42 AM, Aug 17, 2017

The organization has roots in New York City and has now spread to 130 cities in 13 different countries.

Michael Caldwell, the president of the Buffalo chapter of the Guardian Angels, was raised in South Buffalo and loved growing up in his neighborhood. Over the years, he saw his community change. He didn't feel safe raising his five children there anymore and moved them to West Seneca. Despite moving from the area, he still wants to improve the streets he grew up on. That's why he spent more than two years bringing the Guardian Angels to Buffalo.

Caldwell says he remembers hearing about the Guardian Angels growing up. "He (Curtis Silwa) was like the superhero of New York City," says Caldwell, referencing the founder of the Guardian Angels.

"I thought someone has to do it, why not me? I love kids, I have five of my own," says Caldwell. He says the ideal outcome of implementing this program in Western New York is creating a safer community and kids who stay on the right path. "I want to focus on the kids, making sure they're not into drugs, bullying, causing trouble on the street."

The Buffalo chapter currently has about ten members, but Caldwell wants to recruit as many members from around Western New York as possible. Members would hopefully help create youth programs and safety patrols. The patrols will hopefully deter crime and violence.

Patrol members are unarmed. They're trained in conflict resolution, first aid and basic martial arts.

Caldwell says he wants to recruit as many members as possible. The angels are looking for members to assist in any capacity, from fundraising to creating youth programs.

If you want to be a member of the Buffalo chapter of the Guardian Angels, you can call Michael Caldwell at (716) 949-2662 or email buffaloguardianangels@gmail.com