Growing up "Logan Strong"

Posted at 11:44 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-09 23:44:13-05

One 7-year-old Lancaster boy lets nothing get in his way. You can find Logan Becker rock climbing, jumping on the trampoline, or biking.

Logan does all his activities with just one leg. He was born without his left hip, left leg, or left kidney.

"I was pregnant with twins and I went to a specialist," said his mother Linda Becker. "I lost the twin, and I found out that Logan was missing his left hip and his left leg."

Logan was born with a challenge ahead. The rare birth defect would make the task of creating a prosthetic a challenging one.

Thankfully, Green Prosthetics and Orthotics in Erie Pennsylvania fit Logan with his first prosthetic, a bucket seat that helped him sit up when he was a baby. His seat helped him build his core muscles.

For Logan, walking was the next milestone. He was fitted for his first prosthetic leg at 13-months-old. With practice and support from therapists, Logan was walking, ready to step into the world.

"I always tell him he can do anything the other kids can do," said Becker. "He just needs to figure it out in his own way."

As Logan grows, he outgrows his prosthetics. Each year he needs to get a new one.

"I think he's an inspiration," she said. 

Logan loves to play hockey. He is part of the Buffalo Sabres Jr. Sled Hockey Team. His parents say being a part of the team helps him with his confidence.

"He's my hero," said Linda. "We don't set any limits on any of his activities. We don't ever stop him from trying anything."