Groups trying to rescue goose with arrow in it's neck

Posted at 12:03 PM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 23:32:40-04

Animal rescue groups have been trying to rescue a Canada goose that has an arrow lodged in it's neck. The goose has been spotted in various locations around Amherst.

"I think he knows how to balance with this thing now," said Christine Hausrath, who lives in Amherst. "Everybody's been looking for him."

The SPCA Serving Erie County tells Eyewitness News that they and Amherst Animal Control have been trying to catch the female goose for over a month so they can remove the arrow, but the bird keeps getting away.

"If somebody sees the goose maybe nesting, that would be an ideal time," said Gina Browning of the SPCA. "Maybe we can get out there, the goose won't leave the nest, won't leave its eggs, and hopefully we can work to get that arrow out."

Browning says the goose appears to be eating well and managing despite the projectile that has pierced her neck.

"The goose clearly is flying so when we go out to a place where the goose is sighted, it may or may not be there... it's impossible," said Browning.

Rescuers now hope that she will nest soon which would make it easier for them to catch and treat her. 

The video is courtesy of @marySarah234 via Twitter.