Group remodels room for girl with heart condition

Posted at 1:48 AM, Nov 06, 2016

11-year-old Piper Pietrzyk was speechless at first, as she walked into her new bedroom. She scanned every corner, and every new detail.

"Oh wow... I don't like it -- I love it," Piper exclaimed.

It's another successful bedroom makeover by Special Spaces Buffalo -- the 48th makeover they've done in five years. It's an organization that works to remodel rooms for children with life-threatening illnesses in Western New York. Piper has a very severe and rare form of heart disease.

"She's actually the second child born in this country, from what I was told at Strong with this type of condition," said Heidi Pietrzyk, Piper's mother.

A condition that still has no name, only a description.

"I have seven, well - multiple heart defects, and it's right down the middle," said Piper. "It's hard to find a name, this is like the rarest condition."

"Any doctor that comes across her or any medical professional will probably never cross another child like her in her condition in their lifetime," said Heidi. "The closest thing they can put her in a category with would be a single ventricle."

It's a condition Piper and her mother have fought through for years. Years they don't take for granted.

"Technically they only gave her six months," said Heidi. "Everyday I wake up, I thank God that she has these doctors, because I have my daughter."

A daughter who has a new bedroom, and a surprise trip to New York City - Piper's favorite place. It's a trip Special Spaces and Berardi Immigration Law, who helped out Saturday, were able to set up for her. 

"Oh my God! Dream vacation man," exclaimed Piper.