Grandmother: Grandson overdosed on "lean" at Buffalo school

Posted at 11:21 PM, Nov 03, 2016

A day after four students ingested a homemade drug called "lean" at Buffalo Public School #3, one grandparent says it's not the first time at a Buffalo Public School.

Renita Smith contacted 7 Eyewitness News, saying her 12-year-old grandson, who was in 6th grade last year was slipped the homemade "purple drink" at school in April, by friends who were experimenting during "opt out" of New York State testing.
"I want the parents to know that this is not the first time," she said. "It (Wednesday) could have been prevented if they would have educated parents and students last year."
Smith says her grandson got so sick, he was falling over the desk in his classroom and was taken to the hospital by ambulance from the school. She says it was later revealed that he had Xanax and Codeine pills in his system from the drink.
"I'm angry that they didn't educate the parents and staff," she said.
She says other than the students getting suspended, there was nothing sent to parents regarding the April incident, unlike Wednesday's letter that was sent home to parents at school #3. 
Smith says she tried to contact the District from April to June, even offering her services to educate students and parents on the dangers of lean, but says her requests fell on deaf ears. 
When asked about Smith's grandson's incident, a District Spokesperson said,
"The District can't comment on a specific allegation involving a student due to FERPA Law. In general, the District is not always privy to what happens once a child goes to the hospital, and does not know everything that is discussed between family and medical personnel."
The District also insists the first time it has ever heard of a case involving lean was Wednesday.