Grab the popcorn, North Park Theatre is set to begin final phase of restoration

Posted at 11:43 PM, Nov 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-30 23:43:19-05

Pop the popcorn and grab the fountain drink because coming soon to North Park Theatre--the jewel of Hertel Avenue--the final phase of restorations.

"We thought it'd be really special to do something for our centennial restoration," Programming Director, Ray Barker, said.

Outside restorations include weather proofing, adding "crowns" back to the top of the front facade and restoring the stone wall above he marquee to name a few.  A complete overhaul of the inside lobby will redo everything from the paneling to the marble floors.

"It's just like Shea's downtown. Shea's Downtown wasn't done in one swoop. They did it in phases. The last phase was the work they did around the stage and for us the last phase would be the work we do in the lobby," he said.

Even a surprise unveiling is certain to leave people blown away.

"We have to keep a few cards close to the vest," he said. North Park is looking for your help in trying to raise $38,000 for the new renovations. Although they've already received from major foundations, North Park has turned to a GoFundMe campaign to raise the remaining $15,000 dollars.

"There's no donation, which is too small. It people can give $2 or $5 dollars every little bit helps...One of the special things about this theatre is it really is a community aspect and we feel incredible love and support from North Buffalo and we want to get the community behind this project."

The last phase of restorations here at North Park Theatre both inside and outside are hoped to be completed by Spring of 2019.

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