Governor Cuomo approval rating takes big hit

Posted at 6:17 AM, Jul 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-18 06:19:14-04

A new Siena College Poll taking a look at New York Governor Cuomo’s job performance found a major drop in all ratings.

Cuomo's favorability rating hit the lowest level since last February, from 60% to 52%. In fact, only 46% of voters saying they'd re-elect him, while 46% said they’d vote for someone else. Overall, Cuomo had a negative 43-55 percent job performance, down from a positive 51-46 percent job performance rating in May.

The biggest snag for Cuomo came with Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) mass transit issues. Voters give Cuomo a negative job performance rating, just above Mayor Bill de Blasio’s negative rating. Voters said they hold Cuomo – not de Blasio – more accountable for overseeing the MTA. About three-quarters of voters say both New York State and New York City should invest more to improve MTA services

The Siena Poll also measured New Yorkers’ attitude about an upcoming vote that would legalize and regulate marijuana for recreation use.  Attitudes stay closely divided with 49% of voters in favor, while 47% oppose it. Democrats strongly supported it, 58% to 39%, while Republicans strongly opposed it, 60% to 34%. Opinions were also divided when it came to age with younger voters in favor 68% to 28%, while older voters opposed it 56% to 39%.