GOP Congressman Tom Reed holds town hall meetings

Posted at 7:24 PM, Feb 18, 2017

Republican Congressman, Tom Reed held a series of town hall meetings in the Southern Tier on Saturday.

About 100 people attended the meeting at the V.F.W in Cherry Creek. Several people came from as far as Ohio to talk to the congressman. Many held signs protesting Reed's views and the presidency of Donald Trump.

The congressman said it was part of the process of listening to his constituents and taking their feedback to Washington D.C.

A lot of people in the crowd were against the representative's stance to repeal the Affordable Care Act(Obama Care). They feel the act should be fixed instead of getting rid of it. A single payer health care system was another options that several people suggested.

"For whatever you're going to do that it's fully transparent, fully congressional reviewed with constitutes input instead of 50 senators behind closed doors saying this is the future of your healthcare system," someone in the crowd said.

The congressman believes it should be repealed. He wants to replace it with something that's going drive the cost down, empower people, not insurance carriers and government bureaucrats. He also wants states to have more power over their health care, than federal government.

Many at the town hall agreed the nation's healthcare system needs fixing.

"You know there are a lot of people who are suffering. That really needs to be changed and I think Reed is one of those people who literally want to, you know, help Trump with the change," Alba Arter, from Gary, New York said.

Several people in the crowd took aim at the congressman for not pursuing an investigation on the president's relationship with Russia. However, he still stands by that there is no evidence of any type of illegal activity between POTUS and Russia. But he said, Russia activity is "very provocative."

"It's something that we are keeping a close eye on and we're going to hold them accountable, as we go forth," Reed said.