Giving young cancer patients a chance to forget about their illnesses

Posted at 11:19 PM, Dec 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-10 23:19:43-05

On Monday night, young cancer survivors were given a chance to leave their sickness at the door with the Courage of Carly Holiday party. 

"It's a wonderful event to not only celebrate the merriment of the season," Robin Nusbaum of Courage of Carly Fund said, "but to be able to share that experience with someone that gets it."

The night is filled with dancing, decorating, and a chance to take pictures with a few Buffalo Sabres. A perfect way to give an escape for these young kids going through so much. 

"(I just want to) have a good time and not worry about treatments" Stella Usiak, a leukemia patient, said. 

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