Giving the gift of sight....from 3,600 miles away

Posted at 6:00 AM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 07:38:49-04

After taking a missions trip 7 years ago...a Getzville man came back with one of his own.

Hopeful Ways is a non-profit based in Getzville, that works to help restore sight and prevent loss of sight for people in Nicaragua.

Jim Carlins and his wife launched “Hopeful Ways" a few years back to help fund cataract surgery.

Carlins says to the people in that country a pair of glasses could make the difference in being able to see better...or even at all.

“A typical pair of eyeglasses even if they got to see a doctor and get a prescription would be a 6 months salary,” said Carlins.

“They can either get a pair of glasses feed their family for 6 months.”

Carlins believes so strongly in the mission of this foundation he took to the roads to prove it.
Just about a week ago he completed a 7-day 364-mile bike ride to rise money for cataract surgery in Nicaragua.
He was able to raise enough money on that ride to give the gift of sight to 26 people.
He is still collecting money, check out our website and app for details on how to donate.

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