G.I. leader doesn't want Love's Truck Stop to setup shop

Posted at 5:49 PM, Feb 07, 2018

Grand Island Town Supervisor, Nate McMurray wants to pump the brakes on a new business proposal. 

Love’s Travel Stops is filing paper work to setup shop along the I-190 South Bound on Grand Island. However, McMurray doesn't like the idea of a national truck stop chain coming to town. 

“You need truck stops. but putting one in the center of this very fragile eco system on a island in the center of Niagara River is just not smart. it makes no sense,” McMurray said. 

On average 1,000,000 commercial vehicles use the thru-way on the island every year. This would be the only fueling station along the 190 on Grand Island. The truck stop would replace trees on the opposite side of the thruway from Fantasy Island. The other gas stations and the other small mom and pop stores that will have to compete with it. They won't be able to compete. our boulevard already struggles. Those stores will struggle even more,” McMurray said. 

A Representative from Love’s sent us an email saying “We are working through the development process. We look forward to working with local authorities.” 

Although Murray says he doesn't have any love for Love’s.