Getting ready for scares at Frightworld

Posted at 9:40 AM, Oct 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-15 09:40:03-04

Frightworld in Tonawanda tries to up the ante every year when it comes to scares.

This season, a brand new attraction is terrifying visitors. It's called "Eeriepalooza Fear Festival". It's an anticipated music festival but the festival grounds have some inhabitants that aren't happy about concertgoers...and they'll make it known. Night Stalkers Reloaded is a basement filled with wasted belongings and your only source of light is UV. Eerie State Asylum has mistreated patients lurking around each corner. Your group will have one flickering flashlight to guide you. 

Rounding out the attractions are Grindhouse, where the most beastly and primitive killers are hiding, and Insanity, the park's most intense attraction with disorienting lights and infected monsters.

In order to absolutely terrify you, the team behind Frightworld starts planning their attractions for next year, right now. They're also paying extreme attention to detail, from the props and storylines created in house to the costumes and special effects makeup scare actors wear.

At least 50 actors are in makeup each night Frightworld is open. Actors will come hours before the park is open to put on special effects makeup like dripping wounds, burned, flaking skin or blacked out rotting teeth. A team of highly trained makeup artists work on smearing fake blood and dirt on tattered clothes, making sure they're making you as scared as they can.

The audition process to become an actor is a tough one too. A panel of judges will have you perform various scary scenarios to make sure you've got what it takes to frighten visitors.

All the props, lighting, scents and sounds have been hand-picked, curated and built by Frightworld's team. To purchase tickets or learn more, click here.

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