Genesee community builds house for girl with rare disease

Posted at 7:29 PM, Feb 04, 2017

A Genesee County community is coming together to help a family build a wheelchair accessible house for their seven-year-old.

Audrina Peterson is just like any other seven-year-old. She likes dolls, playing games and reading. Little Audrina is also battling a rare disease called Ollier's. It's a condition where there is bumps and tumors in all of her bones. It causes her bones to grow at lengths. It Also causes her bones to grow with large lumps, making it difficult to walk. She has been through a number of surgeries. But her family is losing hope that their little pride and joy will ever get to fully walk.

The seven-year-old uses a wheel chair. Her dad, Todd said it's hard for her to move around at home, because of carpet and narrow spacing. That's why her parents are using money donated to them through an organization to build a wheelchair accessible home.

"It's not good for her body to lift it so many times. we just want her to be able to be in her chair and maneuver around and you know do things you and i probably take for granted," Audrina's dad, Todd Peterson said.

While the Petterson Family purchase materials, electricians, construction crews, organizations, and even neighbors are pitching in to build the house, one nail at a time.

We see people in need and we are willing to volunteer our service to do this," Arthur Chmura with Local 41 of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers said.

"You just can't thank people enough when they are willing to volunteer their time on a cold Saturday to come out here," Peterson said.

Peterson is hoping to get his daughter into the new home within a matter of months. But there are things they still need to make this wish come true, like flooring, driveway, light fixtures, hot water heater, and an elevator to get Audrina from her room to the basement.

The family is quickly running out of money, but they are determined to do this for their little girl.

7 Eyewitness News Reporter, Justin Moore asked Audrina what is the thing she's most excited about once moving into her new home?

"Like to wheel into my bedroom," Audrina said.

If you would like to help this family Christian Youth Corps Inc. at (716) 353 - 8744 or Todd Peterson at (585) 313-5693.