Gearing up for Saturday's Summer Solstice Celebration at Artpark

Includes Fairy House Festival and Lehrer Dance
Posted at 9:24 AM, Jun 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 09:24:44-04

Lehrer Dance, a troop of talented performers are gearing up as a big part of  Artpark's Summer Solstice Celebration on Saturday, June 17th from Noon until Midnight. John Lehrer says "we wanted to bring the beauty of Artpark and our dance style together, we picked a repertoire for Saturday's show that will look real good up against the backdrop here."

Part of the Summer Celebration will include the 7th Annual Fairy House Festival. The Fairy Houses are works of art created using all natural materials. Each one a masterpiece, looking as though a Fairy could pop up and move in at any moment.

Visitors to the Saturday event can also see Erica Cope and members of the Buffalo Aerial Dance Company in action. They are working twenty feet up in the air, with no net, but Erica says "No net, but I do use mats, it's all part of the training. I have trained for ten years, so that's a lot of the safety is just regular training."

You can get more information about Saturdays events at Artpark at their website.www.artpark.net/