Gas prices continue to rise in Buffalo, WNY

Posted at 4:40 AM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 04:40:10-04

Gas prices are still on the rise throughout Western New York.

According to AAA, the national average for a gallon of unleaded gasoline jumped six cents from last week, but are rising even quicker in the Western New York region.

In Buffalo, the average is $2.08, nine cents higher than a week ago. Rochester's average is at $2.06, a six cent hike over the past week, and gas prices in Syracuse are hovering around $2.06 a gallon, eight cents higher.

Overall, the national average is at $2.04 a gallon, up 29 cents in the past month.

AAA says that gas prices tend to reach the highest levels of the year in the spring, before the summer driving season. One reason for the rise is that people are starting to drive more, increasing demand.

Other factors include refinery maintenance, which temporarily drops fuel production around this time of year, and the transition to summer-blend gasoline, which is more expensive to produce.

Summer-blend gasoline is mandated due to the face it causes less air pollution at warmer temperatures.

Gas prices are still lower than this time last year. The national average one year ago was $2.43