Future of Tapestry Charter causes concern

Posted at 11:46 PM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-23 06:43:25-05

Tapestry Charter School parents discussed the possibility that their K-5 students could be moved to a new building at 345 Olympic Avenue on the city’s east side.

“Our strategic plan calls for us to grow to 80 at a grade over a period of many years and our current facility does not allow that room for growth,” Executive Director Joy Pepper.

Pepper says after a year of discussion between the board and members of the community, the search for a new site began.

Fifteen building options were explored including several former Buffalo Public Schools and properties near their current Great Arrow Avenue location. Adding more buildings to the current site was also discussed.

Administrators say between budget constraints, availability and practicality for housing elementary students it was decided 345 Olympic Avenue - which most recently was a temporary home for school number 64 - was the best choice.

“This building was a really sound structure it was clean meaning clean environmentally,” Pepper said.

“It was built as a school.”

But many parents at tonight’s meeting want to know why their input was left out of that decision making process, a process that will come to a pinnacle when the board of trustee puts the relocation to a vote on February 24.

“Unless you can sell me on the fact that  actually have a pulse on how the parents feel and how the teachers feel then the vote in 48 hours should be null and void,” one parent said during the question and answer session.

Monday night’s meeting allowed the school to break down the vetting process they used to select the potential site as well as answer questions surrounding the safety, logistics and overall benefits of the move.

Administrators admit that the deal came together in a short amount of time, but as many parents question the future of the school the apologies may be a day late and a dollar short.