Frontier Central School District faces possible structural issues

Posted at 4:30 PM, Nov 21, 2014
and last updated 2015-11-16 16:30:55-05

Frontier Central School District may be facing structural issues.

Per a statement on the District's website from Dr. Bret Apthorpe:

NO ONE can go into our buildings until I give the OK. The district architect and their structural engineers have advised that our roofs are all dangerous. They are holding more weight than designed. We have a plan to address this problem, but NO ONE is to go into any district building until I give the OK. The forecast of rain is only going to make this situation more dangerous.

MORE | Officials say at least 30 buildings have collapsed and there have been 90 partial collapses. Get more details here on roof collapse dangers and more instances from around WNY

The energy management system has been down all week and we have no idea about the environmentals of the buildings. We hope that the heat stayed on and pipes did not burst, but we will not know until we can get in the buildings. We know there are potential issues related to leaking, storm drain flooding, and sewage backup in some of the buildings.

The snow is so deep and heavy that our equipment is unable to move it. We have 2 backhoes with small buckets.  We are working with our municipal leaders who will help, but they cannot do so until the streets are made safe for the public. I have also been advised that once the roads have been made passable there will be a period of several days whereby heavy equipment, front loaders and dump trucks, will be brought in to remove the snow. This period will be too dangerous to have buses and students in the streets.  When our crews start removing snow they will be doing it one building at a time.

Regarding the first day back to school, the first day will be for all staff only.  This first day will only occur after it has been determined that roofs are safe, building environmentals are working, and it is safe to travel. 

The building administrators will organize and plan this day around ensuring the buildings are "student ready." The custodial crews will work with the head custodian and food service staff with their cooks.  This day will look on the media as "Frontier Closed-Staff Report."  Building administrators and department leaders will communicate with their respective staff the details on this day. Remember with the ROBO-CALL system down people should watch the local media and/or check our homepage.