From one parent to another: Coping with the loss of a child

Posted at 11:14 PM, Mar 16, 2017

"Losing your child is like losing your future," said Tammy Schueler as she holds back tears talking about her daughter Alix Rice.

For Schueler, the pain of losing Rice will never go away.

"They ask me, 'does it get better?' No it doesn't get better. You learn to deal with it and grow into a different person," she said. 

It was six years ago when Tammy's daughter Alix Rice was hit by Dr. James Corisanti on Heim Road in Amherst while she was long boarding. Tammy says she'll never get over losing her little girl.

"I like to think that my daughter watches over me, sees me and everything I do," she said. "I try to think she's looking down on me like 'oh mama I'm so proud of you."

Knowing how difficult it is and how hard it is to find those with similar experiences, Tammy started the Compassionate Friends Buffalo Chapter. The organization brings families together for support after a child dies.

"Everyone's story is the same but different."

If you would like more information on the Compassionate Friends click here.