From Good Morning America to bankruptcy... What was I thinking?

Posted at 8:43 PM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 20:44:37-04

We woke up to his smiling face every morning for 13 years when Spencer Christian did the weather for Good Morning America, but there was a secret none of us knew.

At the peak of his career the affable TV personality fell victim to addiction, he couldn't stop gambling.  It went on for 30 years and cost him over $3.5 million, not to mention the human cost, a failed marriage and a broken relationship with his children.

Christian finally snapped out of it after a call from the FBI, and today says he is free of that demon. 

He had always wanted to write a book about his career and now that book is also telling the story of his fall from grace and he hopes his story will inspire others as they fight to break their addictions.

Spencer Christian sits down with Keith Radford to tell his story, watch it now.

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