From bow ties to spa kits-- small business owners try out a store front in the Market Arcade

Posted at 7:21 PM, Nov 18, 2018

Holiday shopping is in full swing-- and for four lucky small business owners, their dream of having a brick & mortar store has come true for the Holidays. 

"I just love making bow ties," Sheldon Gibbs, the CEO of Classic Knot said.

At only 12-years-old, Sheldon sews handmade bow ties and sells men's accessories on his online store. Sheldon has been in business for two years and you can find more on his story here. 

Sheldon is very excited to have a place to display his bow ties and to meet his customers. Classic Knot, Lily and Grey, Urban Soul Closet, and Things N Time are the four businesses that will be able to experience having a brick and mortar store, thanks to the Queen City Pop-Up Program. 

From now until Christmas Eve, the retailers are selling their products and meeting their customers face to face at the Market Arcade on Main Street. 

The Queen City Pop-Up allows small businesses to test out the market and see if their business will survive in a store, Maggie Lamparelli, one of the owners of Buffalo Barkery and Queen City Pop-Up alum said. 

Three years ago Maggie was in Sheldon's shoes as her homemade dog treats and dog toy business was one of the businesses in the Queen City Pop-Up. 

"The Pop-Up gave us an idea if we could make it in downtown Buffalo," Lamparelli said. "But it also helped us meet a lot of other small business owners in Buffalo." 

Buffalo Barkery has had their own store front in the Market Arcade for about a year. 

"Go for it, follow your dreams, you only live one and just go for it," Lamparelli's advice for other small business owners thinking of trying out a store front. 

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