Frigid temps create icy attraction at Letchworth State Park

Posted at 11:16 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 23:16:23-05

The subzero temperatures are stopping the water falls at Letchworth State Park in its tracks, but it's not stopping people from visiting.

The brave few who do venture out, don’t just come for the frozen waterfalls.

Outside the Glenn Iris Inn is an ice volcano or an ice geyser. It’s a frozen gravity fed fountain that runs all year, even when it’s negative three degrees. A park ranger says thank to the cold, the ice geyser has grown five feet in the past three days.

“I love the impressive way it builds up. And this year, it’s basically bigger than I've seen it,” Sara Banks, who traveled from Houghton, NY to see a frozen Letchworth State Park.