Fred Fest arrest list by the numbers

Posted at 11:28 AM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 11:28:26-04

The Fredonia Police Department has released a list of arrests made over the past weekend at Fred Fest 2018.

77 people were arrested for acts ranging from underage alcohol possession, unlawful marijuana possession to disorderly conduct and harassment.

There were a total of 138 charges. See the charge summary below: 

Fredonia Police reported a total of 273 incidents from May 5th to May 7th for various types of incidents:

In 2015, SUNY Fredonia canceled a popular end-of-school-year party called "Fred Fest."  The college worried that Fred Fest was promoting a binge-drinking culture that also resulted in a large number of complaints from Fredonia residents.

But Fred Fest refuses to die.  

Thousands of students, along with outside friends, crowd Village of Fredonia streets for the several-day festival. 

Last year, police stepped up enforcement of the unofficial Fred Fest and 67 people were arrested - most were not SUNY Fredonia students but came from outside the area.

Unofficial "Fred Fest" raises concerns in Fredonia

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