Founding Fathers named one of America's top bars

Posted at 6:28 PM, May 26, 2016

When you pull up a seat at Founding Fathers Pub in Buffalo you are doing so at one of the top watering holes in the country. Esquire Magazine has named Founding Fathers one of the "18 Best Bars in America."

Hours after receiving this designation, the bar was raided by Buffalo Police

Esquire says it put together the "highly select" list from "more than a decade's worth of cross country investigations, and aspirin."

The magazine says that Founding Fathers made the list because "it's the only dive bar in America obsessively devoted to presidential history - and it's got great drinks too."

The pub located at 75 Edward Street in Buffalo is covered floor to ceiling in presidential memorabilia. It also offers popcorn and nachos as complimentary snacks.